Global Investing, LLC We Buy Apartment Buildings.

Global Investing, LLC
We Buy Apartment Buildings.

Global Investing, LLC is committed to purchasing workforce housing, student housing and elderly housing. Our goal is to invest in properties that have under-performed, to turn them into functioning, livable communities.

We Have a Vision

Professionals at Global Investing, LLC specialize in transforming workforce, student and elderly properties into productive, viable self-sustaining residential environments. We accomplish our vision through careful investigation, market analysis, and financial review. Once we commit and invest, Global Investing adheres to strict property management standards in order to make each and every apartment building a winner…for investors, for local officials and for residents.

We Encourage Green Lifestyles

At each Global Investing property, we try to save energy and make it possible for our residents to pursue a safe and healthy lifestyle. Where it makes financial sense, we provide open spaces, landscaped surroundings and green building products. We pride ourselves on good indoor air quality, on non-toxic building systems, and on health-promoting amenities. When you enlist at a Global Investing property, you come home to a healthy, green lifestyle.

Contact us today if you are considering selling your property.

We are currently purchasing properties that have 30 to 150 apartments. With access to capital, we are looking for assets that need an infusion of new ideas and some additional capital. Our contact information is as follows:

Main Contact: Jon Shoulders
Phone: (812) 453-3037
Address: PO Box 927 Evansville, IN 47706

We are looking forward to hearing from you.